Our group focuses on quilting for charity, teaching the art of quiltmaking and inspiring creativity.


 I have made a Presidential decision to cancel all meetings and QADT's until the end of August.  At the end of August, I will let all members know if we can meet in September.

We have an amazing group of people. As of June, 2020, we have donated 3,000 mask.

They went to 29 states + Washington, D.C.

They were donated to Police, Doctors, Fire Fighters, First Responders, Military, Coast Guard, Nurses, Hospitals, Homeless, Social Workers, Friends, Family, Co-Workers, Drug & Alcohol Counselors, Animal Clinic, Postal Workers, Mechanics

Donated Quilt Count:


261 Quilts


168 Quilts

Joint Member Made Quilts Through the Years by

Hibiscus Quilt Guild of South Florida

A very young quilt guild that started in 2009, with an average of 60 members, makes and donates approximately 200 quilts a year. Each year we also make one guild quilt using theme donated blocks by our members. Here is a sampling of our guild collection. 

Hibiscus Quilt Guild of South Florida

Mailing address:                                                Location:

c/o Lou Patten, CPA                                       -Quilt All Day Thursday  10 am - 3 pm, except the week
5819 White Cypress Dr.                                    of Thanksgiving and Christmas and the month of July.

Lake Worth, FL  33467                                     St. Luke's Methodist Church, 165 Ohio St., Lake Worth

Contact: Debbie Sprague                                                     

561-951-9958                                                   -General Meetings are every 3rd Saturday of each

 Email:                             month, 9:30 am - 11:00 am, followed by a program

                                                                                 St. Luke's Methodist Church, 165 Ohio St., Lake Worth

Webmistress: Michelle Jones                        -July's meeting will be held at Staycation location 


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